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Advancing Precision in Electrophysiology Procedures: APT Medical’s Mapping Catheters

Mapping catheter plays a crucial role in Electrophysiology procedures, enabling precise navigation and accurate mapping of the heart’s electrical system. APT Medical, a renowned medical device manufacturer, has revolutionized the field with their exceptional mapping catheters. Their commitment to innovation and excellence has resulted in cutting-edge products that enhance both efficacy and efficiency in Electrophysiology interventions.

Superior Accuracy in Cardiac Mapping

APT Medical’s diagnostic catheter, the Triguy™ Steerable PV mapping catheter, offers superior diagnostic capabilities. With its multi-durometer and diameter design, the catheter provides flexibility and maneuverability, ensuring reliable and accurate outcomes. The catheter’s superior design for PV mapping, coupled with its high-quality memory alloy, facilitates better tissue contact and shape recovery, leading to more precise mapping results.

Enhanced Efficiency and Reduced Procedure Time

The Triguy™ Steerable PV mapping catheter’s exceptional features contribute to increased efficiency during cardiac procedures. Its up to 270° deflection allows for easier right pulmonary vein (RPV) approach, saving valuable procedure time. Additionally, the catheter’s braided structure provides excellent kink resistance and support, enabling prolonged procedures without compromising performance.

Advanced Features for Precise Navigation and Visualization

With APT Medical’s Triguy™ Steerable PV mapping catheter, clinicians benefit from advanced features that enhance navigation and visualization. The catheter’s special bulb tip design prevents myocardium irritation, ensuring patient comfort during the procedure. Furthermore, the availability of five fixed loop sizes caters to various sizes of the left atrium, facilitating accurate mapping in diverse patient populations. These advanced features empower clinicians to navigate complex cardiac structures with confidence, leading to improved outcomes.


APT Medical’s Triguy™ Steerable PV mapping catheters are at the forefront of Electrophysiology interventions, providing advanced features  and exceptional performance for precise and efficient mapping. Through their dedication to innovation and commitment to excellence, APT Medical continues to empower healthcare professionals worldwide. By choosing APT Medical’s Triguy™ Steerable PV mapping catheter, clinicians can enhance patient care and achieve superior outcomes in cardiac procedures.

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