Clean sheet bet – Rules and experience for playing easy-to-win bets

Clean sheet odds are one of the bets in soccer that are loved and chosen by many players. For veteran players, this bet has a high winning rate and brings huge profits. Together New88 Learn more details about the rules and experience of playing this betting effectively from experts through the article below.
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What is a brief overview of the odds to keep a clean sheet?

Clean sheet bets are also known by many veteran players with different names such as white net bets, Clean Sheet bets, no-goal bets or no-goal bets. This is one of the most popular and popular types of soccer betting odds, similar to Over – Under or Asian odds.

This type of bet has a relatively simple betting format, you just need to choose and bet on the team with a higher clean sheet rate in that match. In addition, players can also analyze the team that cannot keep a clean sheet and let the opponent score to place bets.

Basically, clean sheet bets in matches will rarely appear, and only big bookmakers offer this bet. Normally this bet is only popular in matches where the two teams do not have much of a difference in performance and are evenly matched in talent.

What are the rules for keeping a clean sheet?

Clean Sheet is considered by many experts to have relatively simple rules and payment methods similar to other soccer betting bets. Here are the rules for new players when playing the clean sheet bet:

  • You need to choose a team with the ability to keep clean sheets or a team with a high rate of conceding home goals.
  • In each normal match, there will be 4 cases that can appear. Before that, the house will provide detailed information about the match along with the corresponding Odds rate for members to choose from.
  • With this bet, the time for players to bet is from the start of the match to the end, after which the house will announce the results of the bet to all participants.
  • Clean Sheet odds have a calculation method similar to European odds, specifically: Bet amount x Odds ratio => Total winnings of the player.

Some experience in playing odds to keep a clean sheet easy to win from experts

When playing any of these types of bets in football in general and clean sheet bets in particular, players need to have knowledge and experience. Especially for beginners, you need to learn from masters. Below are some easy-to-win experiences from experts that you can refer to.
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Choose the appropriate match to bet on

To be able to participate in the bet without conceding a goal, you need to find out the information about that match. Players should choose a team with a record and a squad that is considered stronger. In addition, you also need to research the performance, scoring history or ranking of that team.

Determine your goals when betting with odds

Football is a form where each team has the ultimate goal of winning. That’s why teams won’t care about conceding or not conceding a goal. This property will not be suitable for betting on clean sheet bets. At this time, you need to pay attention to the fighting goals of all players and that team.

Find out information about the match before placing a bet

One of the easy-to-win experiences of a player is to carefully analyze and analyze the match before placing a bet. If the team has high tactics and defense ability, this is the factor that helps you determine which team has a high ability to keep clean sheets.

Note the nature of the match

You also need to pay attention to the nature of the match and betting behavior to help increase your chances of winning. In addition, players also need to clearly understand the offensive and defensive capabilities of the two teams. With the odds of keeping a clean sheet, you should prioritize choosing a team with good defense.


So we have shared detailed information about the above information keep a clean sheet and some betting experience from experts. Hopefully this article will bring the most useful information for new players to bring home huge victories.

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