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Contributing to the Growth of Portable Energy Development : myACT

As a premier supplier of OEM/ODM services for portable energy storage solutions, myACT places a strong emphasis on integrating advanced technology into its operations. With a focus on clean production, ESD systems, and delivery and logistics, myACT ensures superior product quality, efficient processes, and enhanced competitiveness in the market.

Focus on Increasing Production Capacity

myACT is committed to implementing a lean production system, recognizing that continuous improvement is vital for success. They have invested a lot of energy in their production system in order to be able to provide very good ODM/OEM services, aiming to improve myACT’s production capacity and production efficiency. To stay at the forefront of lean practices, myACT sends its management and technical teams to learn about the latest lean production methodologies each year. Additionally, the company hires experienced Japanese consultants with extensive knowledge and expertise in lean production systems to provide guidance and support.

Ensuring Reliability and Longevity

To guarantee exceptional product quality, myACT recognizes the importance of the ESD system. Electrostatic discharge poses a significant risk to sensitive electronic components used in portable energy storage solutions. Therefore, myACT strictly adheres to the latest standards of the ANSI/ESD S20.20 system, ensuring that its ESD systems meet the highest industry requirements.

The Delivery and Logistics System

The delivery and logistics system at myACT is designed to meet customer needs promptly and reduce processing cycles. Leveraging information technology, myACT adopts the CMES supplier delivery collaboration system, which facilitates seamless communication and coordination throughout the supply chain. This system enables information collaborative processing, ensuring the integration and synchronization of data across various stages of production and delivery. By accurately simulating raw material demand and implementing data sharing, myACT optimizes the flow of materials, streamlines operations, and minimizes delays, resulting in timely delivery to customers.


Together, myACT’s OEM/ODM services are designed to provide high quality portable energy storage to many in need. The technology used enables myACT to provide superior OEM/ODM services that meet customer expectations and help customers maintain a competitive edge in the portable energy storage market.

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