Effective First Aid in School: Mindray AED For Schools

Mindray’s compact, easy-to-use automated external defibrillators need little training and are designed for on-site first aid. Professional AED provider Mindray explains why utilizing an AED appropriately in public situations is more important than waiting for emergency medical services to arrive. In this article, the author will demonstrate the need for AED for schools today. Check them out.

Why choose AEDs manufactured by Mindray?

Mindray has performed extensive research to optimize the utilization and distribution of AEDs in public settings, ensuring that its devices can be deployed swiftly and efficiently when needed.

Mindray manufactures AEDs with voice prompts and animated on-screen instructions to simplify operation. With these straightforward instructions, most individuals can use automated external defibrillators. According to the instructions in the user manual, it may be deployed immediately in an emergency by amateur rescuers. This is useful for using AEDs in schools, as students are often unskilled in first aid, necessitating clear instructions for AEDs.

Every second matters: the value of AEDs in schools

According to multiple clinical and real-world instances, the survival rate of students experiencing a cardiac arrest at a school decreases by 7–10% for every minute defibrillation is delayed. In other words, the sooner defibrillation is delivered, the greater the likelihood of survival and restoration to a normal heart rhythm.


AEDs were created when a patient encounters a sudden cardiac arrest in a public place. For example, if a high-performance AED from Mindray can be procured to defibrillate the patient, their life chances will increase; they are known as a “life-saving device”!

Mindray provides high-quality professional AEDs. For further details, please visit Mindray’s official website.

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