Eyezonethiopia Com – Is Eyezonethiopia Legit? was launched recently within the U.S.A. s Canada and the United States. This web site was created to support Ethiopian collaborators through a non-profit organization called Ethiopian Diaspora Agency.

Do you have the funds to give to individuals around the globe? Do you want to ensure that your hard-earned money goes to the poor and those in need? We recommend that you read this Eyezonethiopia com review.

Eyezonethiopia Brief:

Eyezonethiopia, a non-profit website, was created to raise money for the noble cause of enhancing Ethiopians. This web site is owned by the Ethiopian Diaspora Agency. Chapa Financial Tech created the work. S.C.(Chapa). CBE is a worldwide cash transfer cost that bears 100%.

Eyezonethiopia offers several options:

* E-mail address: [email protected]

* Address: House number. 755/41B Woreda 3, Bole sub-city, Addis ababa, Ethiopia.

* Contact details: not given

* Present social media links It redirects you to Chapa pages on Facebook and Instagram. The Twitter link is broken.

* Terms and Services Information on Noted. But, plagiarize.

* Privacy policy: Clearly stated. The website informs users that it can store their data. To receive SMS, MMS and text messages in your phone number, you must sign a person agreement. Chapa can share your data with third parties. The donor must be at least 18 years old.

* Owner’s details not given

* All major Charge Cards accepted as payment mode

Positive Highlights

* The website is easy to use and has a lot of arrogance.

* Zero percent cash transfer fee

* Donations will reach Ethiopians

* Instant payments has negative features

* This website convinces people that their payment information is secure.

* Online information is not available about the amount of money donated.

Is Eyezonethiopia Legit?

* Domain Creation: 23 September 2021, 17:14.39

* Website Age: Eyezonethiopia has been around for 2 weeks.

* Website expiry 23 September 2022 at 17 :14:39

* Trustworthiness: Eyezonethiopia only acquired twoPercent (TERRIBLE).

* Country of origin: U. s States

* Proximity of suspicious websites: 100/100

* Threat Profile: 50/100

* Phishing Score 50/100

* Malware Score: 31/100

* Spam Score: 6/100

* Social relations: Eyezonethiopia doesn’t appear on Social Networking, YouTube and Facebook, Reddit. Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Reddit. The Eyezonethiopia com Social Networking link redirects to Chapa social pages. Chapa content online deals with technological information, not donation.


You can find videos online that are related to Eyezonethiopia. They also explain how to donate money. A few reviews have been posted on the internet warning that Eyezonethiopia is a scam. does not have a comment or feedback section for contributors. Reliable sources don’t have any reviews. The Alexa rank is 820645 (poor).

Final Verdict:

Eyezonethiopia premiered lately. This web site has a low trust score of 2%. received a 100/100 score, which is suspicious. It has a high threat score, making it ILLEGITIMATE. To promote Eyezonethiopia, Chapa’s data on Social Networking will be required. You might find it useful to learn about Charge Card Scams. Eyezonethiopia accepts donations via Charge Cards.

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