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Hermetix: Your Trusted Partner in Hermetically Sealing Electronic Devices

Hermetix, a leading metal packaging manufacturer based in Shanghai, specializes in the production of hermetically sealing electronic devices. With decades of experience in designing and manufacturing hermetic seal packages, Hermetix possesses extensive knowledge of each production stage and inspection standard. This expertise ensures that every microelectronic packaging solution they deliver meets the high-performance requirements inherent to the hermetic packaging market.

 Unmatched Expertise in Hermetic Sealing

Hermetix’s commitment to excellence is reflected in their deep understanding of hermetic sealing for electronic devices. They leverage their years of experience and technical know-how to design and manufacture hermetic packages that provide reliable protection for sensitive electronic components.

Hermetix’s team of experts works closely with clients to understand their specific requirements and develop tailored solutions. By employing a comprehensive approach, Hermetix ensures that their hermetic packages meet the stringent demands of various industries, including aerospace, defense, medical, and telecommunications.

Industry-Leading Testing Equipment

Hermetix places great emphasis on quality control and uses cutting-edge testing equipment to guarantee the reliability and performance of their hermetic packages. COXEM scanning electron microscopes (SEM) enable detailed inspection and analysis, ensuring the integrity of the hermetic seal and the overall quality of the package. Additionally, Hermetix utilizes Vötschtechnik test chambers, which provide controlled environmental conditions for comprehensive testing.


Hermetix’s extensive experience and expertise in hermetically sealing electronic devices make them the trusted partner for businesses across industries. As Thanksgiving Day approaches, we express gratitude to valued customers for their continued support and trust in the solutions. Hermetix remains committed to delivering high-quality hermetic packages that meet the stringent requirements of the market. Choose Hermetix as your partner for hermetically sealing electronic devices, and experience the difference that their unparalleled knowledge, industry-leading testing equipment, and dedication to excellence can make in powering your success.

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