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Home Health Supplies of High-Quality: Introducing Welland

Not about how much you weigh; it’s all about what percentage of your body is fat! Because fat has three times the volume of muscle at the same weight, a person who has a high percentage of body fat will appear to have a much higher weight than they do. It is essential to have a low body fat percentage if your goal is to seem skinny. The selection of a trustworthy body fat scale is essential to the achievement of accurate fat measurements. Welland, which is in the business of producing high-end home health supplies, is responsible for the production of body fat scales that are of high quality and accurate. Examine the specifics of the situation.

Innovative Welland

Since its inception, Welland has placed a significant emphasis on research and development (R&D) investments and innovation. Welland has an independent sensor and strain gauge factory, independent R&D team and APP team. In order to improve the measurement accuracy of products, Welland established the Rayleigh sensor and Rayleigh strain gauge factory in 2018, dedicated to the production of high-precision sensors. Under the condition that the defect rate of the best sensor in the industry is controlled at 8‰, the sensor produced by Welland has controlled the defect rate below 2.5‰, and the related customer complaints of a large number of online orders have been kept below 3/1,000.

About Welland

Welland was founded on the principle that people should be able to enjoy their health responsibly. The company is dedicated to developing intelligent scenarios of health sports for home users.

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