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INEED Motors: Unleashing Performance and Versatility with Spur Gear Motors

INEED Motors presents a comprehensive range of compact, cost-efficient, and highly reliable spur gear motors to meet diverse application requirements. These motors are designed to deliver exceptional performance and are available in various reduction ratios, sizes, voltages, and gear materials. When low torque is a priority, spur gear motors from INEED Motors are the perfect choice.

Versatile Designs for Every Application

INEED Motors offers a variety of designs for spur gear motors to cater to different application needs. Whether you require open-frame, closed-frame, offset, or foldback designs, our motors provide flexibility and adaptability. These designs ensure seamless integration into your equipment or machinery, allowing for optimal performance and space utilization.

Extensive Range of Specifications

INEED Motors provides a wide range of specifications for spur gear motors. With diameters ranging from 12mm to 37mm, voltage options from 1-24v DC, load torque ranging from 0.1g cm to 200kg cm, and output speeds spanning from 0.5rpm to 5000 rpm, we offer motors suitable for a broad spectrum of applications. This extensive range ensures that you can find the perfect motor to meet your unique requirements.

Customization for Precise Performance

At INEED Motors, we understand that each application has its own specific demands. That’s why we offer customization options for our spur gear motors. You can choose between straight-cut or helical-cut gears, opt for encoders or non-encoders, and select carbon or metal brushes to tailor the motor to your precise needs. Our customization capabilities ensure that you receive a motor that perfectly aligns with your application requirements.


INEED Motors proudly presents a range of high-performance and versatile spur gear motors. These motors offer compactness, cost-efficiency, and reliability, making them an ideal choice for various applications. With a wide selection of designs, extensive specification options, and the ability to customize, INEED Motors ensures that you find the perfect spur gear motor to meet your specific requirements. Experience the performance, reliability, and precision of our spur gear motors by partnering with INEED Motors for your power transmission needs.

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