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Innovative Charging Redefined: Luobinsen’s WallBox Car Charger

Embrace the future of electric vehicle (EV) charging with Luobinsen‘s WallBox DC Charger, a marvelous solution categorized under WallBox car Chargers. This powerful and versatile EV charging station redefines the charging experience, offering a seamless and intelligent solution for workplaces, parking lots, fleets, and public charging stations.

Key Features of Luobinsen’s WallBox Car Charger:

  1. Modular Design: Luobinsen’s WallBox EV Charger boasts a modular design, emphasizing simplicity and ease of maintenance. The modular structure enhances the charger’s flexibility, making it a practical choice for various charging scenarios.
  2. Wide Voltage Range (200-1000V): Versatility is a hallmark of the WallBox Car Charger, featuring a wide voltage range from 200 to 1000V. This ensures compatibility with a diverse range of electric vehicles, making it an ideal choice for charging stations catering to different EV models.
  3. A 15.6” Touchscreen: The inclusion of a 15.6-inch touchscreen adds a touch of sophistication to the WallBox Charger. This user-friendly interface enhances the overall charging experience, providing users with intuitive controls and real-time information. The touchscreen also serves as a platform for additional advertising revenue, adding value for charging station operators.
  4. Max Outputs of 30kW and 40kW: Luobinsen’s WallBox Car Charger offers impressive maximum outputs of 30kW and 40kW, ensuring efficient and rapid charging for electric vehicles. Supporting CCS1, CCS2, and GBT connectors, this charger caters to a broad spectrum of EV charging needs.

Application Scenarios:

  1. Workplace: Ideal for workplace charging stations, the WallBox Charger provides employees with a convenient and efficient solution for charging their electric vehicles during working hours.
  2. Commercial Parking Lot: Enhance your commercial parking lot with the WallBox Car Charger, attracting EV owners and contributing to a sustainable and eco-friendly environment.
  3. Fleet: Fleet operators can benefit from the modular design and high efficiency of the WallBox Charger, ensuring a reliable and streamlined charging infrastructure for electric fleet vehicles.
  4. Public Charging Station: Deploying the WallBox Car Charger in public charging stations contributes to the accessibility and availability of charging options for the growing number of electric vehicle users.


Luobinsen’s WallBox Car Charger emerges as a pioneer in the EV charging landscape, offering an intelligent, stylish, and efficient solution for diverse applications. The combination of a modular design, wide voltage range, touchscreen interface, and high power outputs positions this charger as a frontrunner in advancing the standards of EV charging. Embrace innovation and efficiency with Luobinsen’s WallBox Car Charger, paving the way for a sustainable and electrified future.

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