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Introduction: Elevate Your Home Inspections with HIKMICRO Pocket2

Compact and portable, the HIKMICRO Pocket2 is tailored for thermal imaging home inspection. Its pocket-sized design and ergonomic shape ensure effortless carrying and handling, fitting seamlessly into your pocket or tool bag. With the Pocket2 by your side, conducting thorough home inspections has never been more convenient.

Meets Your Image Capture and Video Recording Needs

Equipped with a built-in 16GB internal memory, the Pocket2 provides ample storage for capturing thermal images and recording videos during inspections. With the capacity to store over 60,000 images and approximately 54 hours of video in MP4 or Radiometric format, you have the space needed to document findings comprehensively. Furthermore, onboard playback and post-analysis capabilities facilitate efficient troubleshooting and detailed assessments.

Reliable in Harsh Conditions

Built to withstand the rigors of home inspections, the HIKMICRO Pocket2 boasts an IP54 rating, offering robust protection against dust and splashing water. Its durable construction ensures resilience, even in challenging environments. Additionally, the Pocket2 can endure drops of up to 2 meters, providing peace of mind during inspections. Equipped with a built-in LED flashlight, it enhances usability in low-light conditions, enabling clear thermal imaging readings.


In conclusion, the HIKMICRO Pocket2 is your essential tool for thermal imaging home inspections. Its compact design, extensive storage capacity, and durability make it the perfect companion for professionals in the field. With the Pocket2, you can elevate your inspections, capture detailed thermal images, and conduct comprehensive assessments with ease. Experience the convenience and reliability of the HIKMICRO Pocket2 and enhance your home inspection capabilities today.

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