Introduction to Tattoo Design: For Beginners

The art of tattooing, or marking the body with an everlasting design using pigment to the skin, dates back thousands of year. Some tattoos have cultural significance. However, many people frame artwork for artistic or sentimental reasons. Commission tattoo designs allow people to express themselves creatively. Lorraine Salazar, tattoo artist, says that clients should choose tattoos that are meaningful to them. However, they should also consider them artwork.

Tattoos are a unique task. These designs require special policies in order to look good over time, due to the complicated equipment and curved canvas. Talking to clients about their ideal tattoo should include setting expectations and explaining your specialties. Relaxed tattooing can make a tattoo look stunning for many years and help you create the perfect tattoo for each client.

Get creative.

Studying can help you decide what style of tattoos you want to create with your artwork. Salazar says, “I look to art books for suggestions.” There are many ways to see what other artists and designers are doing, and how their customized designs translate onto skin. These are just a few examples of what you can do.

The natural world is full of inspiration. One artist creates floral tattoos using a delicate, subtle design aesthetic. The other uses bolder, more dark linework to give a unique approach to a floral tattoo.

This backpiece can be used as a reference if you are thinking about a conventional challenge number like a skull tattoo.

Premade flash tattoos are usually displayed on the walls at tattoo parlours as inspiration for clients. These designs are quick and easy to complete for clients who come in. For tattoo artists, flash tattoos can be a great inspiration.

Keep in mind the font and typography when you are trying to make your tattoo a collection of words. Dan Rhatigan’s tattoo designs feature letterforms at the heart of their designs. Remember to place letters in a logical order when designing with them. Ink can become smudgy and unevenly distributed over time.

Understanding the basics.

Consider the price range

It’s important to feel inspired but also to consider the price range for tattoos. Time is valuable to an artist. If your patron has limited funds, don’t make it a time-consuming and distinct project. The final product will be less satisfactory if you rush the paintings.

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