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KAIAO: Your Trusted Partner for Professional Reaction Injection Molding (RIM) Solutions

KAIAO Rapid Manufacturing Co., Limited stands as a reliable and innovative provider of plastic injection molding services. With a commitment to simplicity, convenience, and cost-effectiveness, KAIAO offers businesses a superior alternative to traditional plastic injection molding processes. Leveraging professional low-cost mold design and mold making expertise, KAIAO specializes in producing big and thin-walled parts with high rigidity and strength. When it comes to RIM, KAIAO’s technical proficiency and dedication to meeting specific project requirements set them apart as the ideal partner for businesses seeking top-quality plastic components.

Simplified and Convenient Molding Processes

KAIAO’s RIM process offers a simpler and more convenient alternative to plastic injection molding. With a shorter production cycle, RIM delivers efficiency without compromising on quality. Compared to other methods such as vacuum casting, RIM excels in terms of automation and efficiency, providing businesses with a streamlined manufacturing solution. Additionally, RIM offers flexibility in design options, surpassing thermo-forming and board bonding techniques, allowing for elaborate surface details, Class A surfaces, integrated structures, varying wall thicknesses, and enhanced machining stability and accuracy.

Professional Low-Cost Mold Design and Mold Making

KAIAO understands the importance of cost-effective solutions in RIM manufacturing. With the use of ABS, epoxy, and aluminum mold materials, KAIAO offers low-cost mold design and mold making services tailored to meet diverse project requirements. The team of skilled RIM technicians provides professional technical suggestions and delivers optimal solutions within a quick turnaround time of 2 weeks or less. KAIAO’s expertise in mold design and production ensures that clients receive high-quality molds for their RIM projects.

Manufacturing Big and Thin-Walled Parts with Precision

KAIAO’s experience in mold design, precision control processes, and the utilization of quality materials enables the production of large RIM parts with thin walls. With wall thicknesses ranging from 3 to 6 mm, KAIAO ensures these parts exhibit high rigidity and strength, offering excellent stability and performance. Despite their thin walls, the parts maintain superior structural integrity, showcasing KAIAO’s dedication to producing top-notch RIM components.


KAIAO Rapid Manufacturing Co., Limited emerges as a trusted partner for businesses seeking professional Reaction Injection Molding (RIM) solutions. With simplified and convenient molding processes, professional low-cost mold design and mold making expertise, and the ability to manufacture big and thin-walled parts with precision, KAIAO sets the industry standard in delivering high-quality plastic components. Experience the excellence of KAIAO’s RIM service, your reliable partner for all your plastic injection molding needs.

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