Music Trends 2021

Engagement on social/streaming platforms will rise

The entertainment industry saw a huge hit in 2020-21 (and continues …) thanks to Covid-19), the impact on creators, live music venues, and sports bars is unimaginable. TikTok is a new streaming service. Existing platforms are expanding their user base by adding music to their apps, such as Instagram reels. Immersive streaming services such as TikTok and virtual concerts are becoming more popular. Artists were suddenly more accessible to their fans. They would answer questions on Live Insta stories or do Facebook live shows during quarantine. Gen – Z has embraced this new way to speculate on concerts. BTS, a popular teenage group, sold more than 1/3 million dollars in virtual tickets to their Bang Con livestream in June 2020. isaimini

Streaming platforms that can accommodate the needs of their users

In many ways, music has become part of our everyday lives. Music has become a way to share passion and find meaning in our lives, from podcasts to streaming and soundtracks. Online listening parties have become a popular trend with platforms like HouseParty. This platform allows users to experience the same physical parties as they did in person. Platforms like Discord were not just for those in quarantine. They also became music platforms that allow users to share music and communicate with each other. We don’t know if we will soon see more platforms with live chats, reaction buttons, or the ability to watch other viewers as in real life. naasongs

Music Documentaries on the Rise!

Music industry trend No.1 is capturing the journey and real-life artists. Live concerts and venues will remain closed in many parts of the world until 2021.

Beyonce’s Lemonade album was originally released in 2016. It is one of the most well-known and current albums. A visual film allows people to see the lyrics on their screens and enriches streaming platforms.

BTS behind-the-scenes shots of music videos and song recordings are being filmed by musicians to increase engagement and create content for the media. Beyonce, Harry Styles, Lady Gaga, and Ariana Grande are just a few of many who have shared BTC content via YouTube, Netflix, and other social media platforms. Britney Spears’ rise to documentaries can be seen, along with #FREEBRITNEY, which shocked the majority of viewers with its incredible information about her past. It revealed the shocking details of her childhood, including her sudden exposure to fame and the manipulation of her assets. It is important to remember that fans often ask for more in these cases. Artists are required to reveal, expose and sometimes go to great lengths to please their audiences.

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