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Overview Of Saftty Thermal Protector

Saftty thermal protector is a kind of thermostat that uses bimetal as its temperature-sensing component. When the electrical appliance is working normally, the contact of the thermal protector is in a normally open or normally closed free state

Basic Information

When the electrical appliance has been working for too long or has an abnormality that causes the temperature to rise to the operating temperature set by the protector, the bimetal sheet will act quickly due to the internal stress generated by the heat to effectively disconnect or connect the circuit. This plays a role in temperature control to a certain extent.

When the electrical appliance cools down and returns to the set-reset temperature, the contacts of the thermal protector will automatically close/open and return to normal working conditions.

Saftty thermal protectors are widely used in motors, motors, electric heating appliances, air conditioners, and other electronic products.

Saftty Thermal Protector

Nothing is more crucial than a thermal protector when it comes to thermal protection. Saftty thermal protectors employ various techniques to stop user equipment from overheating and safeguard against self-damaging equipment. Thermal protection comes in a wide variety of styles at Saftty.

  1. The ST06 series thermal protector: A good seal, compact, and highly sensitive. The device operates in the 60 to 250-degree temperature range and at a maximum operating voltage of 500VAC. The ST06 series measures 10mm in diameter and 6.7mm in height.
  2. The ST07 series thermal protector: waterproof and anti-vacuum paint design, automatic equipment full inspection of operating temperature, extended product life, suitable for use with fractional horsepower motors, transformers, battery packs, and other equipment.


Trust Saftty to have the thermal protectors you need, such as the ST06 and ST07 series thermal protectors. Get thermal protection for your equipment.

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