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Safeguarding Your Two-Wheeled Ride

Steel Mate, an automotive electronics pioneer, made history in 1993 with the development of China’s first one-way Motorcycle Alarm System. This groundbreaking electronic device serves as a formidable defense against security threats faced by motorcycle owners, providing reliable protection against theft and potential crimes. With a commitment to rider safety, Steel Mate’s Motorcycle Alarm System has reached new heights, selling over 12 million sets globally.

Motorcycle Alarm System – Your Trusty Security Companion

Steel Mate’s Motorcycle Alarm System takes rider security to the next level. Installed in motorcycles, this electronic device acts as a deterrent against potential thefts and unauthorized access. With its advanced features, the system activates alerts for impacts, movements, and engine starts, allowing motorcycle owners to rest easy, knowing their prized possession is safeguarded.

Unmatched Reliability – Over 12 Million Sets Sold

With a track record of over 12 million sets sold, Steel Mate’s Motorcycle Alarm System has earned the trust of motorcycle owners worldwide. This impressive milestone reflects the reliability and effectiveness of the system in deterring security threats. As a leading brand in the automotive industry, Steel Mate continues to raise the bar for motorcycle security.


Steel Mate Motorcycle Alarm System is your ultimate safeguard for two-wheeled rides. With its pioneering technology and proven effectiveness, Steelmate empowers motorcycle owners to enjoy their rides with confidence, knowing their prized possessions are protected against potential theft and security breaches. Embrace the unmatched security of Steel Mate Motorcycle Alarm System and ride with peace of mind, knowing you have a reliable security companion by your side.

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