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Shenling’s Cutting-Edge Heat Pump Indoor Unit Technology

With a focus on efficiency and reliability, Shenling offers state-of-the-art indoor units designed to meet the heating needs of commercial spaces in cold climates.

Superior Heat Exchanger Efficiency

Shenling’s heat pump indoor units are equipped with a highly efficient heat exchanger that incorporates larger ventilation, internally threaded tubes, and advanced corrugated aluminum fin technology. These features enhance heat exchange efficiency, reduce corrosion and dust accumulation, and extend the service life of the unit.

High-Performance Hermetic Compressor

The Shenling Polestar INV Series includes a high-performance hermetic compressor renowned for its efficiency and reliability. Utilizing scroll axial and radial flexible technology, this compressor ensures optimal performance, safety with a check valve, large capacity, and extended service life, making it a key component of the heat pump indoor unit.


Shenling’s Polestar INV Series Commercial Cold Climate Heat Pump stands out for its cutting-edge technology, including a superior heat exchanger and high-performance hermetic compressor. By choosing Shenling’s heat pump indoor units, businesses can enjoy efficient heating solutions tailored for cold climates, ensuring reliability and energy savings in commercial environments.

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