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The Ultimate Refillable RDL Pod System for Vape Starters

Discover innovation and excellence in vaping with SMPO, a pioneering brand dedicated to creating exceptional vaping experiences. Introducing SMPO KI, a revolutionary refillable RDL pod system that combines power, performance, and convenience for vape enthusiasts.

Introducing SMPO KI

Elevate your vaping journey with SMPO KI, a robust and versatile refillable RDL pod system designed to cater to vape starters and experienced users alike. Crafted with precision, SMPO KI opens the door to a world of rich flavors and satisfying draws.

Pleasure in Every Puff

SMPO KI redefines the art of vaping pleasure with its open pod system. The result? A deeply satisfying vaping experience that resonates with both beginners and connoisseurs. Immerse yourself in the world of flavor as you explore the depths of your favorite e-liquids.

Empowering Vaping Excellence

SMPO KI is more than just a pod system; it’s a statement of sophistication and capability. Designed with an unwavering commitment to excellence, this refillable pod system stands out as a powerful companion for your vaping journey. Equipped with an advanced patented CTAP chipset, SMPO KI ensures a safe and secure vaping experience that prioritizes your well-being.

A Symphony of Smoothness

At the heart of SMPO KI lies an optimized pod structure featuring a parallel coil heating design. This innovative approach leads to a smoother and more consistent vaping experience, letting you savor every draw. With SMPO KI, every puff becomes a journey of flavor and satisfaction.


Elevate Your Vaping Experience with SMPO KI SMPO KI is a testament to SMPO’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of vaping technology. As a refillable RDL pod system, it offers both newcomers and seasoned vapers a gateway to a world of flavor, satisfaction, and innovation. Unlock the potential of open pod systems with SMPO KI and elevate your vaping experience to new heights.

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