USB C Data Cables : The Best Types and How They Affect Your PC/Laptop

What are the best USB C data cables? What types of USB connectors do they use, and which brands are the most reputable? If you’re thinking about buying a new cable for your computer or laptop, this blog is for you!

What is USB C Data Cables?

In contrast to the USB A cables you are probably acquainted to, USB C data cables are newer. A new form of connector called USB C data cable has been created to be quicker and more effective.

Video, power, and data can all be handled at once using USB-C ports. In other words, you can utilize a single cable to connect your phone or laptop to an accessory or external hub.

The types of USB C Data Cables

If you’re looking to plug your new USB-C laptop or PC into an older USB-A port, you’ll want to pick up a data cable that matches your device’s type. Here are the best types of USB C data cables and what they do:

USB Type-C to USB Type-A Data Cable

This is the most common type of data cable and is used for connecting new USB-C laptops and PCs to older USB-A ports. It supports video, power, and data transfer.

USB Type-C to Thunderbolt 3 Data Cable

This is a specialty cable designed for transferring high-bandwidth files between devices with Thunderbolt 3 ports. It supports video, power, and data transfer.

USB Type-C to DisplayPort Data Cable

This cable is used for connecting a Macbook or other display that uses DisplayPort to a PC or laptop with a compatible USB Type-C port. It supports video and data transfer.


If you’re seeking for a data cable that can handle fast connections, USB C data cable is definitely worth checking into. The newest data cable generation, USB-C, delivers significantly faster rates than earlier USB models. You might want to think about CableCreation if you’re in the market for a new data cable.

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