Pagan savior persona 5 weakness

As you journey through the captivating world of Persona 5, you’ll encounter a variety of Personas with unique strengths and weaknesses. One such persona is the pagan savior, a formidable force that can be both an ally and adversary in your quest. In this blog post, we’ll explore the weaknesses of the pagan savior persona 5 and how to exploit them for maximum effectiveness. Whether you’re a seasoned player or new to Persona 5, read on to discover valuable insights into defeating this powerful foe!

What are the weaknesses of the pagan savior persona 5?

The pagan savior persona 5 weakness is a complex and powerful entity that possesses unique strengths and weaknesses. Understanding its vulnerabilities can help you defeat it with ease.

One of the primary weaknesses of the pagan savior persona is its susceptibility to curse attacks. These attacks deal significant damage, making them an effective way to whittle down the persona’s health.

Another weakness of this formidable foe is its low endurance, which means it can only withstand a limited amount of physical punishment before collapsing under pressure. Exploit this vulnerability by unleashing a flurry of melee attacks on the persona to quickly deplete its health bar.

In addition, the pagan savior has poor agility and reflexes, making it vulnerable to status effects such as sleep or confusion spells. By inflicting these conditions on the persona, you’ll hamper their ability to attack effectively while dealing additional damage over time.

Understanding these weaknesses will enable you to develop an effective strategy for defeating this challenging enemy in Persona 5!

How to exploit these weaknesses

One way to exploit the weaknesses of the pagan savior persona 5 weakness is by using Fire-based attacks. The Pagan Savior is weak against this element, so having a team member with strong fire abilities can deal significant damage and potentially knock it down.

Another weakness that can be exploited is its susceptibility to brainwashing. Using skills or items that inflict confusion or sleep status effects can render the Pagan Savior useless for a few turns, giving your team an opportunity to attack without fear of retaliation.

Additionally, physical attacks are effective against this persona as well. Having party members with high strength stats and weapons that deal heavy physical damage can whittle down its health quickly.

It’s also important to note that while exploiting its weaknesses is crucial, being mindful of its strengths and resistances is equally important. The Pagan Savior has resistance against Bless and Curse elements, making those types of attacks ineffective.

Knowing how to exploit the weaknesses of the Pagan Savior Persona 5 will greatly increase your chances of defeating it in battle.


The pagan savior persona 5 weakness may be a formidable opponent in battles, but as we have seen, it has its weaknesses. By using the right personas with the appropriate skills and exploiting these weaknesses, players can emerge victorious.

As an SEO expert, I highly recommend that you keep this information in mind as you progress through Persona 5. Understanding your enemies’ strengths and weaknesses is crucial to succeeding in any battle.

Remember that there are always ways to overcome even the toughest opponents if you have a solid strategy and use your resources wisely. So go out there and put your newfound knowledge into practice!

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