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Streamlined Fetal Heart Rate Monitoring with Edan’s F2 Fetal Monitor

Ensuring the well-being of both expecting mothers and their precious ones requires advanced, yet user-friendly, medical equipment. Edan, a leading name in the healthcare technology sector, presents the F2 fetal monitor, a comprehensive solution that amalgamates simplicity with efficiency. Focused on accurate fetal heart rate monitoring, the F2 is equipped with features that not only simplify operations but also enhance data management, making it a must-have for modern clinical settings and house call services.

Simplicity at Its Best: Easy to Read & Operate

Edan’s F2 makes monitoring fetal heart rate a hassle-free task. With its 5.6” foldable screen, large numeric and waveform displays, and silicone buttons designed for easy operations, the F2 ensures that healthcare professionals can quickly and accurately assess fetal heart rate patterns. Its user-friendly interface allows for effortless navigation, reducing the chances of error during critical monitoring procedures.

Effortless Workflow Management for Seamless Patient Care

Simplify your clinical workflow with Edan’s F2 fetal monitor. The functional keys and knob provide shortcuts for essential functions, allowing healthcare professionals to efficiently manage monitoring tasks. The customizable ‘start’ button integration facilitates seamless patient information integration and printing, ensuring that doctors can focus more on providing quality care rather than being entangled in complex operational processes.

Seamless Data Management for Enhanced Efficiency

Edan’s F2 isn’t just about monitoring; it’s also about efficient data management. With its USB interface and expanded storage capacity, the F2 offers a practical solution for house call services, ensuring that crucial data is securely stored and easily accessible. The MFM-CNS network enables effective surveillance monitoring, while the MFM-CNS Lite provides a robust platform for comprehensive data management, allowing healthcare professionals to make informed decisions based on accurate and comprehensive data analysis.


Edan’s F2 fetal monitor is a game-changer, simplifying fetal heart rate monitoring and data management for healthcare professionals. Elevate your clinical practice with Edan’s F2, your reliable partner in ensuring the health and well-being of expecting mothers and their little ones.

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