The Spring Loaded Pin, A New Technology From Pomagtor Applied To Electronics

Pogo pins from Pomagtor applied to mobile phones, communications, automobiles, medical care, aerospace, and other electronic products and semiconductor equipment.

When Pomagtor applied their new technology to electronics, they not only made products easier to use and more intuitive, but also created something entirely new – the spring loaded pin.

Since pogo pin is very fine probe, it can make the finished connector light in weight, small in size and exquisite in look when it’s applied in a precision connector.

This innovative design change makes it easy for customers to connect and disconnect electronic components without having to fumble around.

By simplifying the process of connecting and disconnecting electronic components, Pomagtor has created a product that is both easier to use and more reliable. With this new design, customers can rest assured that their devices are functioning properly.


With the Pomagtor spring loaded pin, you can now securely fasten and release electronic components with ease. This new technology is perfect for use in applications such as PCB design, component placement, and more. If you’re looking to take your electronics design to the next level, make sure to check out the Pomagtor spring loaded pin today!

Our engineers are true experts when it comes to all sorts of connectors and our long experience with over thousands custom connector designs will be very valuable to avoid mistakes. Besides your structure design, we will recommend a suitable way considering your product cost.

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