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Exploding Cats is a board game genre that is currently attracting special attention from the GenZ generation. With its unique gameplay and diversity of functions, Exploding Cats has become the top choice of many people when they want to gather with friends. Let’s explore the rules of the Exploding Cat game together Nhà cái New88 in the article below!

Summary of simple rules of Exploding Cat for new players

The rules of the exploding cat game are easy to understand for beginners

In general, the rules of the exploding cat game are extremely simple and easy to understand. Initially, each player will randomly receive 4 cards and a defuse card, which is a special card. All remaining cards will be placed in a common pile.

During each turn, players are free to use any card in their hand. At the end of the turn, the player can draw one more card from the community deck. However, if a player draws an Exploding Cat card without an accompanying defuse card, they will be eliminated from the game. Only when they have a defuse card do they have a chance to survive and pass the game to the next person.

In the end, the only player left alive will be the winner of this game.

Exploding cat game rules before starting

Instructions on how to play Exploding Cat before starting

Before starting the Exploding Cat game, you need to prepare a deck of 56 cards. You can buy them from card shops or order them online from e-commerce sites.

Number of players

Record the appropriate number of players in the card box. The game can take place between 2 and 5 people, with the fun increasing as more people participate.

Prepare the deck of cards

The Exploding Cat deck includes the following types:

  • Exploding Kittens – 4 cards: When drawn, the player will be eliminated from the game unless they have a Defuse card to fix it.
  • Defuse (Defuse Bomb) – 6 cards: You can use this card to prevent being eliminated when you pick an Exploding Cat. This card also allows you to place Exploding Cat back into the community deck.
  • Skip – 4 cards: End your turn without drawing more cards. Can be used to avoid Attack cards.
  • Attack – 4 cards: Ends the next player’s turn and forces them to draw twice.
  • Shuffle – 4 cards: Allows you to shuffle the cards without looking at them.
  • Favor – 4 cards: Requires another player to give you one of their cards.
  • Nope (No) – 5 cards: Disable cards except Exploding Cat and Defuse Bomb.
  • See The Future – 5 cards: Allows you to see the first three cards in the community deck.

Preparation step

Remove 4 Exploding Cat cards and 6 Bomb Defusal cards from the deck.
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  • Deal each person 1 Bomb Defusal card, keep the content of this card a secret.
  • Place the number of Exploding Cat cards 1 less than the number of players (for example, if 4 players place 3 Exploding Cat cards) to ensure that everyone except one person will explode.
  • Add the remaining Bomb Defuse cards to the deck (for example, if there are 2 players, add 2 cards).
  • Shuffle the deck of cards and leave it in the middle to draw.

Analyze the rules of the game Exploding Cat according to the expanded functions in Exploding Cat

Expanded analysis of Exploding Cat rules in the game

Expansion set 1: Defending Kittens rules

This deck focuses on defensive strategies and increasing the player’s chances of survival. New cards include:

  • Shuffle – 2 cards
  • Draw From Bottom – 1 card: Allows you to take one card from the bottom of the deck.
  • Annoy – 1 card: Choose any card from another player that cannot be viewed.
  • Reverse – 2 cards: End turn and reverse playing order.
  • Alter The Future – 2 cards: Allows you to see the first three cards and change their positions.
  • Anti Shuffle (The Curse of Crystal Corn) – 1 card: Disable the function of the Shuffle card.
  • Anti Shuffle (Kitten Roll Call) – 1 card: The player can place Exploding Cat cards on top of the deck, preventing the use of Shuffle cards that turn.

Expansion set 2: Attacking Kittens game rules

This deck mainly focuses on attack strategy, with new cards such as:

  • Annoy (Anger) – 1 card
  • Defuse (Defuse bomb) – 2 cards
  • Slap (Stacks) – 4 cards: End your turn and pass that number to the next player.
  • Steal A Card – 4 cards: Allows you to steal any card from another player’s hand.

Expansion set 3: Exploding Kittens – Imploding Kittens

Expanded with new articles: Wild Cats, Targeted Attacks, Exploding Cats

This expanded deck offers variety and excitement with new cards such as:

  • Feral Cat – 4 cards: Can become an Exploding Cat card or used in combos with other cards.
  • Targeted Attack – 3 cards: End your turn and pass that turn to another player.
  • Imploding Kittens – 1 card: When drawn, the player will be eliminated from the game even if there is a Bomb Defusal card.

After the tutorial byNew88 Be careful about the rules of Exploding Cat. Hope everyone will enjoy this useful information and experience exciting moments in the game. Please support us and share your comments so we can bring more exciting information in the future!

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