Shoot Fish New88 – The Most Prestigious Online Fish Shooting Game Today

In recent years, the online entertainment industry has developed very strongly. It brings players convenience and interesting games for entertainment. Shoot Fish New88 is one of the most loved games. This article will introduce you to the fish shooting game New88 and its attractive features.

Shoot Fish Nhà cái New88 is an online entertainment game. In this game, players will have the opportunity to shoot different types of fish to receive scores and bonuses. This game is developed by New88 – a leading online game provider in Southeast Asia.

Rules for playing fish shooting New88

Rules for playing fish shooting New88 Follow the basic rules to ensure fairness and fun in the game. Below are some rules for playing fish shooting at New88:

  • Basic Law:
    • Fish Shooting is a luck-based game where players try to shoot down fish to receive bonus points and prizes.
    • Each type of fish has a different point value, and players try to shoot down fish with high point values ​​to accumulate points.
    • The game may have a limited time or a limited number of shots.
  • How to bet:
    • Players can bet by choosing the bet level before shooting.
    • The bet level affects the value of the rewards if the player successfully shoots down the fish.
  • Reward:
    • Players have the opportunity to receive rewards based on the number of points accumulated by shooting down fish.
    • Rewards can include bonuses, items, or special prizes.
  • Fraud and violations:
    •  New88 has strict rules against interfering with game operations, cheating, or abusing the service.
    • Any cheating or violations may result in account being locked or loss of access to the game.
  • Game time:
    • The game may have a limited time, and once the time is up, the player’s score is calculated and rewards are awarded.
  • Right of choice New88:
    •  New88 reserves the right to decide on specific regulations regarding the fish shooting game and may change them without prior notice.

How to Play Fish Shooting New88

Shoot Fish New88 very easy to play. After logging in to their account, the player will be transferred to the game interface. Here, they can choose the bet level and start participating in fish shooting.

Players can choose different types of guns to shoot fish. Each type of gun has a different price and can be upgraded to have better destructive power. When hitting the fish, the player will receive points and bonuses according to the system.

Rules of catching fish New88 very simple. Players just need to hit the fish to receive points and bonuses. The more fish you shoot, the higher your score and bonus.

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Attractive Features in Fish Shooting New88

Beautiful graphic

One of the attractions for players of fish shooting New88 The graphics are beautiful and vivid. The fish are designed with vivid colors and special effects when shot. In addition, the game’s interface is also designed to be easy to use and user-friendly.

Many Different Types of Fish

In fish shooting New88, there are many different species of fish for players to shoot. Each fish species has a different size and reward level. This makes the game more interesting, as players must use intelligence and strategy to shoot high-value fish.

Many Bet Levels

Shoot Fish New88 There are also many different bet levels for players to choose from. From low bets to high bets, players can customize to suit their budget.

Attractive Bonuses

One of the most attractive features of fish shooting New88 is a great bonus. Players can receive very attractive bonuses when they hit high-value fish. In addition, there are special events and promotions so players can receive more bonuses.

Good Support for Players

 New88 always put customer satisfaction first. Therefore, they always provide players with the best support. Players can contact our support team New88 via direct call or online chat to have all questions answered and support during the participation process New88.

Frequently asked questions when shooting fish New88

Below are some frequently asked questions when playing the fish shooting game at New88:

How to participate in the fish shooting game at New88?

  • To participate in the fish shooting game, you need to log in to your account New88 (or sign up for an account if you don’t have one), then visit the “Fish Shooting Games” section on our website or app. New88.

How to bet in fish shooting game?

  • Once you have accessed the fish shooting game, you can choose your bet level by clicking on the “Bet Level” icon and selecting the amount you want to bet.

How to shoot fish?

  • To shoot fish, you just need to click or tap the screen to shoot bullets. Bullets will be fired in the direction you have chosen.

How to calculate points and receive rewards?

  • Your score will be calculated based on the value of the fish you have shot down. Each fish is given a different score. Rewards will be given to you based on the number of points you accumulate.

How to increase your chances of winning in the fish shooting game?

  • The fish shooting game is a game of luck, and there is no way to guarantee winning. However, you can increase your chances of winning by choosing the right bet level and understanding the value of the fish types.

How to withdraw money from rewards in fish shooting game?

  • To withdraw money from rewards in the fish shooting game, you need to follow the rules and conditions of the fish shooting game New88 about withdrawals and take the necessary steps on the website or app.

Is there a way to track transaction history and activity in the fish shooting game?

  •  New88 provides a “Transaction History” or “Activity History” section on your account, helping you keep track of transactions and activities in the fish shooting game.


Shoot Fish New88 is a fun and exciting online entertainment game. With beautiful graphics, many different fish species, many betting levels and attractive bonuses, this game is loved by many people. If you are new to fish shooting New88, enjoy the game and try your luck.

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