The Most Attractive & Exciting Tan New88 Card Game on the Market

Article attack Neu88 is a game that many bettors are interested in and choose to participate in. Here, you will enjoy extremely exciting moments of entertainment with top betting quality. Let’s explore the details of the playing rules of this attractive card game!

Brief overview of the card game New88

This game originates from Russia and has the English term Durak. It is known that this game will use a set of 52 Western cards as a playing tool. Each player will receive a minimum of 2 cards at the same time and the highest score is 4.

According to experts, when you want to play cards with this game. Definitely can’t miss the online playground of bookmaker New88. Because New88’s game portal system is equipped with the most modern technology and super high payout rates.

We guarantee that every time you participate, you will feel and enjoy the most sublime moments of entertainment. Therefore, if you are a newbie, please join quicklyNew88 and experience playing tons of cards at this prestigious game portal right away.

Share how to deal cards correctly at bookmaker New88

At the New88 game portal, the first step is that the beautiful Dealers will shuffle the cards evenly and deal them to each player. The rules for dealing cards have been agreed upon. The dealer receives the first card and deals it clockwise until the deck runs out.

The first card dealt is considered the suit. Suppose the first card when turned up is 9 of diamonds, then the hole suit will be determined to become the trump suit of the entire game.

Detailed instructions on how to play New88 card game in a simple way

Surely, this game is too familiar to experienced bettors. But for new players, there may still be some unclear issues in the rules of the game. The following content will help you grasp the playing principles most accurately.

Basic card playing rules

When starting the game, you will play cards clockwise. In particular, each participant will receive all 8 cards and at this time the Dealer will turn over the first card dealt to determine the trump suit. If the revealed card has the suit of spades, the whole game is played with the trump suit first.

Next, the player will proceed to intercept higher cards and must be of the same suit. In case the opponent can block your attack, they will have the right to decide to give another suit and start a new turn. If your opponent cannot block your attack, it means they will have to pick up all the cards that were played in that round.

This will cause their winning rate to decrease and your chances of winning will tend to increase. Just continue playing cards according to the above rules until someone finishes their cards first. That person is recognized and determined to win the bet.
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Other rules

Besides the basic playing rules above, participants need to master some additional ways to play card games below. This will help you play card games at New88 much more conveniently and smoothly.

  • Changing 2 hands: When drawing cards to determine the suit. The player who owns card 2 will be able to exchange this card for a card that determines the main suit during the playing process.
  • Offering to the owner: The member who finishes last will be forced to offer the winner of the previous round the highest card they have. After completing the offering, the worshiper will be allowed to draw 1 more card at the stake to ensure there are 8 cards as basic regulations.
  • Flush the card: Suppose in the first deal the card cannot be determined. In principle, the owner will be released and the cards will begin to be re-dealed to find a new owner.
  • Lose outright: In some situations, the person who flips the new hand that matches the previous game’s owner 3 times will be declared a blank loss in this turn. After that, it will be necessary to turn over the new owner to the remaining players to determine high and low.
  • Win blank: In case the player picks up the first 8 cards, all of which are of trump suit, he will be recognized as winning blank at that turn. Determining the white win must take place before starting to play the card, if the card has been flushed once because there is no owner. The next time you pick up 8 trump cards, you will not be recognized as a white win and you must continue to play.

Discover the rules for calculating card scores at bookmaker New88

After the end of a round of playing cards, all members at the table will count the cards. The score will be determined by adding up the total of the cards you own. If you have more cards than other players, you will be given extra points. The specific calculation specifications are as follows:

  • Each card in the card game will have a corresponding score. Accordingly, cards from 2 to 10 will have corresponding points. Cards K, Q, J will have a score of 10. and card A will have a score of 11.
  • At the end of the game, each member will calculate points based on the above principles. Therefore, you need to try to win high-value cards to increase your score.

Refer to some methods of playing cards New88 always wins

To easily win every game at bookmaker New88 and receive the rewards you want. Please follow the experts’ unbeaten card playing shares below:

Concentrate on observing

When starting an aggressive card game, participants should really focus on observing the situation and playing style of their opponents and block the cards with all their abilities. You need to remember that the basic rule of the game is that the more cards a person owns in their hand, the more likely they are to lose. Therefore, block all of your opponent’s cards to increase your winning rate.

Always remember the lesson

While playing cards on Facebook, try to remember all the cards your opponent has played. This will help players establish logical thinking and gain an advantage near the end of the game. This skill is often used by card players and encouraged by everyone.

Keep your post sharp

When participating in online card games, you should combine blocking with skillful and intelligent retention of cards. Calculate and consider carefully to keep the trump cards to have a safe playing strategy and ensure the highest victory.

Through the valuable information above, you have an overview of the card game at New88 playground. Really focus on memorizing the basic rules of this card game. Because it will help you become more convenient and smooth in the online gambling process. We hope that every bettor will be lucky and win high prizes every time they participate in card games at New88!

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