What is a Special Bet? Top Special Football Odds for New Players

What is a special bet? in online soccer betting? Are there any special types of soccer bets on popular online bookmakers that have high winning rates? Newbie brothers and bookiesKèo nhà cái Learn about this term in online soccer betting in the article below.
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Find out what special bets are?

In soccer betting, special odds are compiled from the hottest types of odds today. Special bets related to the number of penalty cards, number of throw-ins, number of corners, etc. All of these bets are directly related to the result of that match.

For newbies, special betting is still a new term. This soccer bet has only been applied by bookmakers in recent years. However, the attractive payout rate is a special feature that attracts a large number of members to participate every day.

What are the hottest special odds in soccer betting?

When participating in soccer betting, if you want to win, you must make sure you understand the knowledge of different types of bets. From there you will make more accurate betting decisions. Below are the top hottest special odds in soccer betting for your reference:

What is corner kick betting in special odds?

Corner bets are also known simply as corner bets. For this soccer bet, you do not need to care about the match results, which team wins or which team loses. Your task is to predict the total number of corner kicks that will appear in 90 minutes of official play.

Depends on each matchKubet bookmaker Offers different corner kick odds. In this special soccer bet, new players can easily access and participate in the experience every day.

What is throw-in betting in special odds?

When mentioning special odds in soccer betting, it is impossible not to mention throw-in bets. In throw-in betting, there are many forms of bets such as: throw-in handicap, throw-in over/under bets, first throw-in bets, etc. Each type of bet will have its own applicable rules and different payout rates. Please carefully study the odds information before placing a bet to get the highest soccer betting efficiency.

What is betting on penalty cards in special odds?

Penalty card betting in soccer betting is where players predict the number of cards drawn by the referee during the match, including yellow and red cards. Players do not need to care about the match results, number of goals or other factors.

Instead, players focus on predicting how the referee will control the match. There are many factors that determine whether the referee draws a card such as: the aggressive playing style of the players of the two teams, whether the referee is strict or not, whether the nature of the match is friendly or knockout, etc.

Soccer goal betting odds

In soccer betting, a special bet is simply understood as the player predicting the total number of goals scored by both teams. This way of playing is quite simple and is chosen by many bettors. You can both participate in betting and comfortably watch the match.

In addition, among the top special bets are extra time bets. This bet is only for decisive matches such as knockout matches of the World Cup, Euro, Champion League, etc. A match has 2 extra periods, each half is 15 minutes. After 30 extra innings, players will know if they win or lose.

What is special betting experience?

Basically, the rules for playing special odds in soccer betting are quite simple and easy to understand. However, to win big bets in many matches, you must know the most effective betting methods. Below are some of the most effective football betting experiences from experts:
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Special odds based on strong teams

Normally, a strong team is always rated higher in terms of its ability to win as well as its dominance throughout the match. However, when playing special odds soccer betting, this is not completely accurate. Because during the match, there are many unexpected situations that can happen. Therefore, it is not always the case that when the rebound is strong, other indicators such as throw-ins, corners, penalty cards, etc. are also higher.

What is a special bet according to the underdog?

In football, the underdog team is often considered weaker in every aspect. However, in this special bet, you will see that this is not accurate. So if you find that the two teams have a big difference, choose the underdog team for a special bet to easily win.

Bookmaker Kèo nhà cái has compiled special soccer betting odds for your reference. Hopefully this useful information will help you better understand what special bets are? Wishing you good health and big wins when playing soccer bettingsport with reputable online bookmaker Kèo nhà cái.

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